90's Girl Style





The 90's trend is going strong right now in 2016! The 90's were a time when fashion was fun.

Grunge, girly-prep (think Clueless), and denim on denim were some key staples that have been resurrected in today's trending styles.

Shop our favorite 90's inspired throw back looks!




Grunge Girl.


Channel your inner grunge girl with a pair of distressed denim overall, a cordoroy jacket, and some beat up Chuck Taylor's.



Patched Details + Choker.


Fashion savvy girls (and guys!) were keen on patched details. Whether sewn on DIY style or not, you can get the updated look right here without the sewing supplies!

Double point for adding a 90's inspired vegan leather choker!


Denim on Denim.

Yep. This quintessentially 90's look that deemed a no-no come 2003, is back on the sartorial to-do list.

Keep this style wearable by opting for pieces that show some skin such as denim shorts or lightweight denim shirts for balance.


 Back to School.

The backpack was a staple during the 1990's for those in school and out of school.

With the back to school season quickly approaching us, this 90's accessory fits right in.


Raw Edge + Metallic Details.

Looking for a more contemporary (and subtle) take on the 90's trend?

Keep things simple and balanced with a raw-edge, light wash denim skirt, classic baggy tee shirt, and gold shoes and accessories.