DIY Faux Fur Clutch




Last season’s hottest accessory (fur pom-pom key-chain) has grown in scale for the Holiday season!

This season, fluffy fur bags in creamy pastels and rich jewel tones are all the rage for adding a sense of flair and glamour whether you’re in jeans or going out to a holiday event.

You can make a vegan friendly faux fur clutch bag or pouch at home with this simple DIY. There are two potential construction methods: sewing or using glue.  

We used a combination of both methods to achieve our DIY fur bag so you can follow along!



1. Faux leather clutch bag of your choice

2. Fabric Glue (Arlene’s Fabric Glue)

3. Anti-Fray Sealant (Anti-Fray Glue)

4. Fabric Scissors

5. Needle and Thread (if you decide to sew edges/corners instead of glue)

6. Faux Fur Fabric of your choice




Lay fur fabric face down on a hard surface. Place the clutch bag or pouch over the fur and trace around the outer edges of the bag with a permanent market.


Cut the fur out using your fabric scissors around the outline in permanent marker.

STEP #3:

We suggest stuffing the inside of the clutch bag to ensure that the fur is wrapped around evenly the surface.

STEP #4:

Spread Anti-fray glue evenly on the edges of the fur. Next apply your fabric glue directly onto the clutch bag. Carefully press fur onto the bag.

We suggest using a heavy book to lay flat on top of the clutch to help ensure that the fur sticks while drying.

STEP #5:

Let dry for at least one hour.