DIY Fur Shoes




 If you have been keeping up with Fashion month's street style scene, you have probably noticed a recurring theme: fur shoes!

While many fur shoe styles have already dropped in stores, this trend is so easy to achieve with the following DIY project.

Read on to learn how to embellish your shoes wih fur and pom poms to keep on trend and budget friendly this season!




1. A pair of shoes as your canvas (hint: stay budget friendly by looking at thrift stores!)

2. Liquid Cement

3. Faux fur fabric (Try your local fabric store. We found ours at Michael's )

4. Bag of assorted colored pom poms (Joann's has a good variety of colors!)

5. Double-sided tape (optional)

6. Scissors





 STEP 1 

For the first style of fur shoes, we chose to create the sexy marabou heel using pink faux fur. 

First you will want to cut two even pieces of the fur to match the length of the shoe strap above the toe.

You can always trim strays once the fur dries.




To ensure even placement, try doing a practice run prior to using the liquid cement.

Use the double-sided tape to position and perfect the fur.




 Next, you will want to careful paint on your liquid cement to the strap of the shoe only. DO NOT use super glue to adhere the fur if you are using a shoe with a 

felt, suede, faux suede, or leather texture. This will leave in a sticky residue on your shoe that is nearly impossible to remove if you want to take the fur off in the




Let dry overnight to be certain that they fur is stuck in place.






To create the pom pom granny flat look, follow the same steps as above!






This DIY fur style requires a bit more patience and precision in comparison to the two above. 

For this style, we decided to use safety pins to adhere the fur to the shoe for those who, perhaps want to

be able to wear the shoes with or without fur or prevent any residual liquid cement damge to the shoe.



Using your scissors cut two pieces of your faux fur fabric in half as evenly as possible. You may want to use

a ruler for a more precise measurement. Next fold each of the two pieces in half and cut once again. This will help you get an even amount

of fur on each shoe.




Next, grab your stash of safety pins. You will need 5-6 safety pins per shoe (12 or so for the pair).

Wrap the fur piece around the outer sole and the shoe to coat in evenly, gently moving inward in the inside the shoe.

Once you are satified with the placement, safety pin the portion to the inner sole of the shoe so that it is looped through. 

This will ensure that the safety pins do not pop of place or become visible!