DIY Donut Sunglasses!






Like most of the world right now, we are are obssessed with donuts at Sans Souci. Not only because they are delicious, but also because

they are so darn pretty to look at! Here is one way to enjoy and show off your love of donuts without 

getting a nasty stomache or sugar rush!




1. A pair of light colored (preferably matte white or clear) round sunglasses.

2. Nail polish in an assorment of donut and sprinkle colors.

(think nudes for the donut base, pinks for the frosting, and blues, yellowed, etc. for sprinkle decoration)

Any type of nail polish should work just fine but we chose those with matte finishes!

3. Tooth picks or paint brushes if you want to get really precise (totally optional!)


First, you will need to paint on your base donut layer. For this, use a matte nude shade with creamy undertones for a more naturalistic effect. If you are going for

a more cartoonish impression, you may want to opt for a nude or neautral with orange undertones for a poppy feel.

Paint on the "base layer," in a curved manner to create a scalloped effect. This will allow the white part of the sunglsses show through just a little bit, to create a more donut-like look.

For this layer, you will want to add two coats of the nude polish. Make sure to let each coat dry in between to avoid smudges!



Once the base of the donut is dry, now it is time to add your frosting! Again, we opted for a more muted, baby pink with a semi-matte finish for a softer look. You can use

a more pigmented magenta or hot pink color for a more pop-art vibe also. 

For this step, you will also want to paint the frosting layer with scalloped edges, making sure to let the nude edges from the base layer show on the edges.

You do not need to worry about being too exact or perfect with your lines. The imperfections

make it even cuter!

For this step you can add one or two coats, depending on the color and finish of the polish you are using.




Add your sprinkles! For this final step, you may want to use a fine painting brush (or even eyeliner brush!) or a tooth pick for enhanced precision with the shape!

Use as many different colors as you woud like!

Let dry!