Holiday 2016 Beauty Trends








With Holiday parties and events begin to fill our calendars for the remainder of 2016, the stress of what to wear and how to prepare is equally as time consuming as the plans themselves.

While everyone is likely aware of the perhaps clichéd holiday beauty staples (i.e. red lip, winged liner, etc.) there are some nuanced trends this season that update the classic holiday beauty looks we all know and love.

Read on!


Glittery Eyes


The sartorial sequins trend this A/W 16 has spread upwards to the face!

While glitz and glitter is nothing new to holiday makeup trends, this season’s application is much more precise and polished in comparison to the typical smokey eye.

Try using a gel-based formula or applying a thin layer of Vaseline to your eyelids to achieve a glossy look and help the glitter stay in place.



Colorful Eye Makeup


The A/W 16 runways presented a recurring beauty trend consisting of colorfully hued eye shadow.

From solid blues and purples to bold, primary yellows, the runways seemed to give up the monochromatic makeup trends of the past season in favor of loud statement looks.

If you aren’t quite gusty enough to go for the full on colored shadow look, try using a bold colored eyeliner on your water line or upper lash line for a similar yet, subdued version of the trend.



Pink Eye


Last year’s copper craze has transitioned with the season’s overall love affair with pink-toned colors (blush, rose gold, etc.)

Pink eye shadows paired with complimentary lipsticks and blushes made a big splash on the A/W 16 runways and proved to be surprisingly flattering on a variety of different skin tones.

The warm, bronzy-pink color that model Gigi Hadid wears in the image below for instance, really intensifies her blue eyes.

This warm pink color will also work beautifully with brown, green, and hazel colored eyes.



Berry Stained Lips


The precisely-applied vampy hued lipstick trend of last year’s holiday season has become much less refined and frankly, a bit more messy.

The lip stain has the perks of being less fussy to apply and wear, as well as for lasting a decent amount of time due to its dry texture.

To keep this look balanced, opt for a foundation with dewy finish and opal toned highlighters to soften up the look.



Graphic Lines


Statement eye liner was perhaps the most prominent of the makeup trends on the runway for Fall A/W.

However, this season the lines became more creative and design-inspired than the traditional winged look that has dominated in the past.

Some designers extended the line far beyond the eyelids for an exaggerated effect while others created a bubble surrounding the entire eye for a more mod feel.

However you choose to rim your eyes, go for something fresh and different this season!