Sans Souci x LA ft. Wacky Wacko





1361 Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA

Thursday-Sunday 12pm-6pm



Here at Sans Souci, we are always down to go out for a mini adventure/ field trip that takes us out of the office!

There is so much to do and see in LA, and we try to take every opportunity possible to explore our beloved city and stay inspired.

Exploring the area of Echo Park (east of downtown Los Angeles), we discovered one of our new favorite roadside attractions on Sunset Blvd and decided to go inside to check it out. Read on for more about our favorite new LA hot spot, Wacky Wacko Shop.



Some East Hollywood locals may recognize the exterior of the shop, which used to function as a vintage store called The Doghouse.

 The ubiquitous exterior of the shop with a huge unicorn head plastered to the front door and a bright pink dumpster used as decor. 




Now, the infamous spot is home to the work of two prominent neo-pop artists, Peggy Noland and Seth Bogart.

The beloved pastel decor and unicorn head have been replaced with bolder primary colors and Noland's ceramic sculpture, who sits on top of building, flexing her biceps for those passing by.




For those confused, Wacky Wacko is the name given to Bogart's fashion line of wearable art (think t-shirts, tote bags, and baby doll dresses featuring his pop art illustrations depicting references to popular contemporary culture).

Not only is this place a great spot to pick up some great kitschy and souvenirs, but it also serves as a site for art installations, doubling as a gallery space to showcase up and coming artists in LA. Think of it as an art gallery and museum store in one.

This is definitely a must see spot in Los Angeles! Make sure to follow Wacky Wacko on social media for updates on rotating artists and retail installation projects!








Not an LA native? Shop online here