Sans Socui About Us

About Sans Souci

Sans Souci is for those who are uninhibited by the status quo, for people who decide not to follow the person in front of them. They are not worried about what others think, but decide for themselves. Sans Souci expresses who they are; confident, strong, and without worry.

Sans Souci provides a lifestyle and an attitude. We are a total look. As a brand, we focus on giving each customer their own voice, no matter what their aim is. Day to day, special occasions, or as work wear, Sans Souci provides comfort without effecting style, fit, or affordability.

Our visual identity embodies everything Sans Souci stands for. It sets the mood and the tone that our customer lives by. By being consistent in its use, we provide a clear message, and a firm stance on who we are. A truth, Sans Souci is “Without Worry.”